Google Chrome Flash Fix for vSphere Web Client

Sometime during the middle of last week, my Google Chrome updated and made it so that I was unable to access vCenter via vSphere Web Client. Currently, my Chrome is Version 62.0.3202.62. During this update, the embedded Adobe Flash Player was updated from to The result was less than stellar:



Image stolen from @lamw‘s blog post (listed below) because I fixed all my stuff before I screenshot it…

In a blog post (which has now been updated to reflect the fix), William Lam provided instructions on how to use an older version of the pepflashplayer.dll to re-gain access to vCenter via the vSphere Web Client.

Good news! Adobe has released a newer version of Flash Player and that quick fix is no longer required. Note: At this time, it does not appear that Chrome itself has been updated.

To update the Chrome Flash component manually:

  • Open Chrome and enter chrome://components in the address bar
  • Scroll down to Adobe Flash Player which likely reads
  • Click Check for Updates and watch Flash Player update to (shown below)
  • Connect to vCenter and test



This has worked for me and many co-workers so far. If you have a different experience, please share!

Update: New installs of Chrome will automatically download the newest version of Adobe Flash Player.




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