The dirty details (or “stuff that I read I should put here for both my protection and yours”):

The content of this blog reflects my own thoughts and/or views and does not represent those of my employer. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of my content or that my opinions will not change over time.  I am human and make mistakes (more often than not). If you opt to use this blog as a resource, please do so at your own risk. I would prefer not to be held accountable for things out of my control.

Should you submit comments or use the Contact page to reach me, I will not disclose your information to other parties. However, with that said, I am not responsible for the privacy practices of other bloggers, commenters, or advertisers.

I reserve the right to operate this blog as I feel necessary. The scope of the blog may change. At some point, I may grow tired of paying for it and shut it down. I’m hoping that any changes are transformational and seamless. The bottom line is that I can do that as I see fit.

Lastly, if there is content which has referenced you, your work, or your company and I have not given you proper credit (or you would prefer that I didn’t call you out explicitly), please inform me! My intention is not to claim your work or ideas as my own. It’s more likely that I forgot, that I don’t quite remember where the idea came from, or could not properly identify a source.

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