My Reason For and Experience Upgrading Horizon 7.4 to 7.5.1

The Scenario: At work, we recently upgraded our vSphere environment to vSphere 6.5 Update 2. We had been using Horizon 7.4 since GA without much issue. Immediately after the upgrade to 6.5U2, we began to experience strange behaviors in Horizon. Some of those behaviors as follows: Newly provisioned Linked Clones from an existing Desktop Pool… Read More

vRealize Automation 7.x Directory Sync Failure

tl;dr – In the event of Directory Sync failure, check the following two files on the vRA appliance for the proper Domain and Domain Controller information: /usr/local/horizon/conf/ and /usr/local/horizon/conf/states/TENANTNAME/####/config-state.json If stale records exist, remove them and restart the appliance. If you use an external vIDM, you may need to search for similar files there. Scenario… Read More