Replacing Expired PSC and VCSA Certificates

Task at hand: Replace the now-expired Machine SSL Certificates of the (still) external PSC and VCSA. By now, there are several different blog posts about how to replace the Machine SSL Certificate using the built-in Certificate Manager tool for the PSC and VCSA. I originally performed this operation after migrating from vSphere 5.5 to vSphere… Read More

vRA 7.5 Software Components – “Failure executing script “10_installsoftware.bat”

Yet another post that’s ahead of finishing my AppDefense Series… but worth sharing nonetheless. I went down a rabbit hole for quite a while on this issue and wanted to detail what I’d found. The Background / Setup In my environment there is a requirement to support a wide range of different operating systems. In an… Read More

Installing and Configuring the AppDefense Appliance

***UPDATE – 11/2/18: AppDefense 2.0 has been released as part of the vSphere Platinum. The overall functionality will be very similar. AppDefense 2.0 is implemented with the vCenter Plug-In and offers two new modes of use: Online and Offline mode. This blog series will continue to be about the AppDefense SaaS offering. More about other versions… Read More

What is VMware AppDefense? – From the Eyes of a vSphere Admin

At VMworld 2017, VMware announced a new product offering called AppDefense. In 2018, there were announcements surrounding the product as well (primarily in the form of a new offering, vSphere Platinum). The product has been out for a little over a year, but I’m still not seeing a ton of activity in the community about… Read More

Blog Series Announcement: VMware AppDefense

Last year I had the opportunity to attend my first VMworld. It was there that VMware announced their new product offering AppDefense. It has now been over a year since AppDefense was released. This year at VMworld, VMware announced vSphere Platinum – a licensing package which includes both vSphere Enterprise Plus and AppDefense licensing. Also… Read More